Monday, November 19, 2007

So-called Light Troops

There has been considerable buzz in the cafes about "light" troops. According to rumor, these are either troops made out of light, perhaps the mysterious "eighth ray", or some such. Others think they are soldiers who weigh less than other soldiers, and thus cost less to feed or clothe. Finally, though, word has come from the Elector's Palace describing these "light" troops.

Light troops are soldiers who are used for outposting, scouting, and raiding, much like our dragoon squadrons are today. However the term appears to come from the weight of the horses they ride (less than those in the regiments of horse), and for their habit of having "light" fingers, and snatching up everything that isn't nailed down (Count Furioso has noted that most light troops have clawed hammers for those things that are nailed down).

The Elector appointed a panel of experts to study the subject, and they concluded that there might be a use for such "light" troops, but only if they refrain from looting. The Colonel-General of Dragoons has also studied such troops independently, and concluded that their use would be similar to the already well-equipped and well-trained dragoon regiments. Why, he asked, should we duplicate something that already exists?

This valid point was not lost on the Elector. Apparently he modeled the uniform, and found it less utilitarian than gaudy. It consists of tight breeches--the ladies would like that--a tight dolman or tunic with braiding across the chest, a half-jacket that hangs from the shoulder but is insufficient in size for the trooper to close it, and a hat that looks like an inverted flower pot.

The soliders who viewed this were not impressed (and neither were the generals). It reminded some of Zirconi the circus rider, only twice as gaudy.

After much deliberation the decision was made to raise another brigade of dragoons instead.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Their decision sounds like a most sensible one to me.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

abdul666 said...

Besides, Dragoons are less expensive to dress (read: less lenghty to paint) than Hussars.

Tell the Eve world about your recent acquisition of the Oberbindlestiffer Jungferninseln -or is it Mädcheninseln Oberbindlestiffs in good German?