Monday, June 4, 2007

Foreign Matters

Yes, foreign matters. In Ober-Bindlestiff the phrase 'foreign affairs' has quite another connotation entirely.

This announcement was just put forth by the Foreign Ministry:

"Yesterday, in a stunning rebuke of Franzonia, the Ministry of Fashion published a scathing review of the fashions paraded by several ladies of the court. Their dress and hair designers were ridiculed unmercifully, though the ladies were praised for putting up with wearing such trash. The taborets on their dresses were considered a finger-width too high for court wear, and several severe comments were made about the hemlines of their dresses rising so far as to only brush the floor. The Minister of Fashion allowed as how this was only to be expected of the designers to the Court, and expressed an earnest wish that in the future better designers more in tune with current fashion would be engaged."

This just in:

"The Minister of Fashion has deplored the bright shade of red on the heels of the shoes of dandies in the court of Saxe-Bearstein. However the Minister thought that if perhaps the ruler of Saxe-Bearstein were to not have such clean streets in his capitol, this would not be a problem. The Minister has directed that mud be offered (at cost!) to Saxe-Bearstein to help alleviate this problem."


Bluebear Jeff said...

As the Minister of Fashion must surely know, red is the color of Saxe-Bearstein's "Heraldic Bear" as well as the bulk of their uniforms.

The wearing of red heels in Saxe-Bearstein is hardly a fashion faux pas. In fact, quite the contrary; it is considered a statement of national pride.

And your Minister of Fashion may keep his mud for himself.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Maj_Gen_Stanley said...

Alas, but the commercial service that contracted to deliver the mud said they left it on the beach, but no amount of searching could distinguish the mud of the beach from the freshly delivered mud.

As for the red heels - perhaps you didn't read the post closely enough.

Bruce B.