Friday, June 8, 2007

Enemies & Rivals

After much debate, and a couple of successful mini-campaigns, I've decided I have no choice but to create an opponent for Ober-Bindlestiff. This will be the neighbor, of course, Saxe-Schweinrot, whose flag features a red pig.

The basis of Ober-Bindlestiff is a hotted up Saxony in our world. This means a lot of suggestiveness and innuendo about the pecadillos of the ruling family. So what would be the basis of Saxe-Schweinrot? Well, the other day, while pursuing customer service problems in the town of Snohomish, I happened to pass by the Barbecue Shack with their cavorting pigs. Now these pigs were the subject of controversy because they were clearly cartoon pigs, and they weren't wearing pants!!!!!!!! Oh shock and horror! They also didn't "fit in" with the "ambience" of 1st Street in Snohomish, which is full of antique stores (and bars).

So the basis of Saxe-Schweinrot will be...(wait for it)

Specifically barbecue. Now I belong to a couple of discussion groups on the web, and I've observed that nothing gets people worked up so much as barbecue sauce. It isn't politics, it isn't religion, it isn't sex, it's barbecue sauce. Perhaps that's because you can discuss it online in public with children and those of hyper-sensitivity present. Suffice to say, Saxe-Schweinrot will be based on food (and food jokes). Expect a few from the Food Network, too.
All right, what does this mean for my armies? Well, first, I can make the division between the Maritime Powers and the Continental Power. The latter, of course, is Ober-Bindlestiff, with it's French/Spanish flavor (my troops are Marlburian). That means my English and Dutch will now become the basis of Saxe-Schweinrot.

This won't be a coalition, though. Just a lot of troops "in service" to Saxe-Schweinrot. Think of the Low Countries and the English, as well as the Dutch habit of hiring troops (in part to keep them out of the Service of France).

More to come later!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like it . . . just as long at the red pig doesn't too closely resemble the honorable 'red bear' of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein.

I like the WSS period too. I wish that there were suitably inexpensive 25-30mm troops available for them (like my lovely SYW RSM95s).

How do you like the VnB rules? I've always been turned off by the pictures with prominent labels on everything . . . for me that ruins the diarama look.

-- Jeff

Maj_Gen_Stanley said...

Years ago I didn't like the VnB rules. I had a bad experience at a Con with them (Quatre Bras). I decided that VnB went onto my list of "won't play". A gamer in Tacoma changed my mind by hosting an ACW game that was an absolute gas! I'm normally an aggressive commander, but I had the Rebs, and had to hold on by my fingernails. Loved every minute of it, and with an experienced gamesmaster I had a lot of my questions answered. I resolved to play them again, and began basing my Marlburians.

I have a small place on the back of the stand with the name of the Regiment, nothing else. I tried putting more complete information there, and found my opponents were reading it to find out which ones were the "good" regiment. This annoyed me enough that I decided to take steps! I removed all of that information, putting it on the roster I give each player.

As for the flag of Saxe-Schweinrot, the sketch I have shows a pig on all four legs, only colored red. This was lifted from a picture of a college football game (the Razorbacks).

-- Bruce B.