Thursday, June 26, 2008

House Rules

I can't think of any gamer who plays the rules straight out of the book...not for very long, at least. So, with Ober-Bindlestiff gearing up for a war against Saxe-Schweinrot, it's time to lay out the house rules.

First, the base rules - Volley & Bayonet, 2nd Edition. Where there are changes in those rules, the house rules will be reconsidered.
  1. Routing - when a unit routs it loses one hit; not going to do that with the Marlburians. The reason is that these units are only worth, at max, 3 hits. If they were worth more, then yes, we'd use it.
  2. Hamlets – a hamlet is a small group of isolated buildings, not enough for a garrison, but enough to provide cover from flanking fire. They do not break the line of sight.
  3. Small Wheel – a change of facing for Partially Trained troops of a 1" wheel or less costs 3" of movement, not half of the movement. This is not allowed to troops rated as militia.

Campaign movement will be with a new map and Freddie the Grouch rules referred to in a previous post. Oh, one thing missed in the post on losses. When totalling up the losses, count only 250 men/hit.


So, with all of that, orders are being sent out, the first battle is in the books, and both sides are frantically repairing their losses and mustering their strength. Nothing was settled by the first encounter. A true trial of strength is coming.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Reading this and the last post make V&B sound interesting . . . I've never seen the rules . . . and your comments intrigue me.

Please give us more posts with insights to this rule set.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

What is the difference between V&B 1 and V&B 2?

I can get a copy of volume one (2002 reprint) for $20 and volume two for $40.

All I'm interested in it for would be for the WSS. Which volume would be the better for my money? and why?

-- Jeff

Maj_Gen_Stanley said...

See my latest post.