Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pictures of Action!

Our intrepid photographers have provided us with pictures of troops from the countries that later would become Ober-Bindlestiff in action. This was during the War of the Bindlestiff Succession. As those who are gifted in math can figure out, this means it was probably the matchlock and pike era. Yes it is, and the rules in quesiton were King's War.

Here is a tense moment with battle already joined against the forces of Gehen-Sie-Broke. Due to the multitude of uniform styles and colors, it is impossible to say anything about who was on which side.

A different perspective of the same moment captured on celluoid (the Electress has banned the word cellulite from use in Ober-Bindlestiff -- miscreants who use it in her presence will have a 'C' branded on their tongue!). There must have been a strong wind, otherwise we would see smoke from the muskets.

For those in the know, the red chips are disorders on a unit, the more, the worse the situation, culminating in the unit falling completely apart and being removed from the battlefield.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm unfamiliar with "King's War" . . . what can you tell me about it?

-- Jeff

Maj_Gen_Stanley said...

"King's War" is a set of pike & shot rules I wrote a number of years ago. They've proven to be quite popular in the Pacific Northwest. It uses a card activation system, but incorporates a Variable Length Bound system. I'll reply at some length in another venue.

-- Bruce